Selfies on the Lake


We rented a boat and celebrated my studious achievements the weekend of my graduation.  Or as I like to think of it, mourned the end of my undergrad career.

It turned out to be an ideal day for boating, and the calm waters created a serene atmosphere for some self-reflections.


I wasn’t ready to graduate. I’m still unsure that I have. These weeks immediately following graduation day feel ordinary—nothing profound. My life hasn’t magically rearranged itself with every piece in place like a finished puzzle. As a child, I imagined graduating to bear more finality. I thought life would make more sense after earning that piece of important paper. Instead, it feels the opposite. There are countless directions my life can go. I can feel every last one of them. They’re tugging at me from all different angles into dangerous and promising possibilities. I can’t make out any clarity.

But the mystery is kind of dazzling.





A New Beginning


As I approach my graduation, I wish I’d blogged more often. I would’ve liked the opportunity to read about everything that happened within this year—my last year as an undergrad. I wish I would’ve written more about my experiences in Vienna, Nicaragua,  and as an intern. I think it would’ve been nice to revisit the excitement of finding inspiration for stories and the hardships of nurturing a work of fiction. There’s much more than that.

This is why I’m starting now. I don’t want to regret, and I think it would be fun to share.

So, I welcome anyone who might be interested to acquaint yourself with me and my blog. Maybe you’ll follow me, or maybe you’ll just stop by from time to time. I’ll be posting entries about my travels (photos, tips, attempted travel lit), my experience as an editorial and creative fiction writer. But most importantly, I’ll be blogging about my adventures as a new college graduate (finding a job, applying for MFA programs, and other adult affairs). Hope you will join me.



Fragmentary Musings: Lunch on the Lake


Fragmentary Musings are clipped from my personal journal, raw and unedited. Enjoy.

We ate at a little place on the lake called Villas Mombacho, on a covered patio with a thatched roof. The breeze came in small bursts that kissed our skin delicately enough for us to feel the cool weather. We sat on wooden, brown lacquer chairs and classic American songs played over the audio system. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was in the background when the gentleman came back to our table and set down a small wooden boat the size of a 2 liter soda bottle. The top flipped open and revealed a stack of 1-ply napkins.


Off-roading on Lana’i


Stumbled across a video from a camping trip we did on Lana’i that perfectly captures the kind of antics we get into when we all get together. I had to stop watching it half way through, otherwise I would have been the only one LOL in the library. And I would rather not be the focus of anything or anyone at the moment. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Aloha Firday!


Things to Look Forward to: Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon


As summer winds down (yes, I’m already thinking about fall, at least in some respects) I can’t help but think about all the running events to come along with the cooler temperatures. Let’s face it, as much as I love to run, the Florida heat and unpredictable weather often puts it at the lesser end of my fun meter. Now that it’s mid-summer, however, the excitement for obstacle races and 15Ks begin again, and one run that must be thought of in July is Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon. It might be eight months away, but registration for this run Disney event is best done sooner than later. FYI, it starts July 15, so mark your calendars!

Here are some photos from my last Princess Half experience.

sleepThese guys were apparently all tuckered out from our 2 and a half hour drive to Orlando

momdadMy lovely parents

lodgeBaby enjoying the resort amenities (he’s the really big kid at the end of the slide)

dockSandwiched between Mommy and Bestie

eveArts and crafts before bed time

mornMy awesome support group with big smiles and positive attitudes despite it being so early

mainstreetRunning through Main Street USA towards Cinderella’s castle

icecreamEnjoying my well deserved strawberry ice cream

I’m definitely  looking forward to improving my time for 2015 and just becoming a better runner period.